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Cities Untold


Across city and country borders, the Manchester Literature FestivalYoung Identity (UK), LiteratureXchange in Aarhus and Word and Literature Festival Ordkraft litterature festival in Aalborg collaborated for more than two years on the project Cities Untold.

The following six young poets, based in the three cities, formed the creative basis:

Marie Laurberg Nielsen, Aarhus, Denmark
Selina Rom Andersen, Aarhus, DK
Billie Meredith, Manchester, UK
SAF-S2E (Safwat El-Senossi), Manchester, UK
Cassandra Marie Geyti, Aalborg, DK
Silas Toft, Aalborg, DK

We have gathered an excerpt of the documentation - videos, podcast, photos, articles and e-book - on this page for you to explore.


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Please also look inside the gallery comprising glimpses from all phases of the project. From the poet's inspiring visits to each other's cities, research and creative writing proces to the final, thrilling stage performances.

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Cities Untold eBook

"Cities Untold Manuscripts", ISBN 978-87-999976-5-7, published both in print and online by Ordkraft.
The 54 pages presents the complete manuscripts.

Enjoy "Cities Untold Manuscripts" as eBook



Hear Billie and Saf talking about their rewarding experience of the recidencies in this episode of the "Can Arts Save Us" podcast (53 mins).

Cities Untold - articles from

November 2023
Cities Untold retold. Video from the stage and backstage, Manchester Literature Festival, Oct. 2023.

April 2023
Cities Untold – portraits of the six poets. Text in English.

November 2022
Cities Untold - so far. Cassandra Marie Geyti Sørensen talks about the young poets' inspirational stay in Aalborg, Aarhus and Manchester. text in both Danish and English.

September 2022
Ordkraft calls for Aalborg's secrets!. Introductory article. text in borg Danish and English.

... also see a glimpse from class 2.m fra Aalborg Katedralskoles besøg på Ordkraft 2023, where they experienced Cities Untold on stage.




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